Right now, I’m sitting at my best friend’s house chillin on the couch with her little boy while our husbands geek out on music. I fed him some pizza at dinner and now he’s totally attached to me, it’s awesome! He hasn’t ever really paid much attention to me before. I just had to write about it.


We have been doing some spring cleaning here and there for a couple of months now. It feels really good to get rid of old things and organize again. For me, it’s like organizing myself on the inside too. I was cleaning out a closet today, and came across some old pictures and I found the only 2 pics I have of me nursing Saige. We lost a bunch of pictures on our old computer when it crashed and I thought they were all on there. I don’t know why, but I started crying. I have always felt guilty and sad that I wasn’t able to nurse her longer than I did. I have my reasons why and I trt to remind myself of that, it’s just hard sometimes. I wish I could say that we are done cleaning, but we’re not.

I decided to take some pics of the kids since they were all dressed up.  Saige had a hard time holding still 🙂 Happy Easter! 

I’m full of blogs today…

I made a baby carrier today. It’s called a mei tai.  It is an asian/chinese carrier. I heard about them on an ap(attachment parenting) forum that I’m on a lot. Every time I have looked at them online, I’m surprised at how expensive they are. I decided it looked easy enough that I could make one myself. It’s even reversible. Here are some pics:

She is tired and has spaghetti face…

Saige’s turn

This weekend turned out nice. On Saturday, I went with my mom and sister to a Successful Mothering Convention. We listened to a few speakers who talked about how to organize your time and develop routines for morning and bedtime. We walked around the booths and I got a book called Positive Discipline for Preschoolers. I haven’t had a chance to start reading it yet, but I’m excited. It has a chapter on age-appropriate behaviors that I want to read. Chris and I both feel like we ask more of Saige than we should, but I’m not sure either. Hopefully this will help. Yesterday,  after I put Kade down for a nap, we started cleaning our basement. I worked on the laundry room, Chris worked on his dj/music area. I can actually walk into my laundry room now, haha. We have been needing to do this since before Kade was born. I haven’t done hair down there because there is just so much stuff everywhere. We threw away a lot and gave a lot to charity. I found some of Saige’s old toys and brought them out for Kade. I was cleaning out a storage trunk the other day and found a bunch of stuff from when Chris and I started dating. Some letters he wrote me and a couple of necklaces he used to wear. One of them symbolizes a big change in his life from before I met him. I saw it, cried and then put it on and I have been wearing it ever since. Anyway, I didn’t mean to go into all of that, but this cleaning has been part of me getting my life back. I’ve heard people say that your home is a reflection of how you are feeling and for a while I haven’t felt right. Work has taken a lot out of me lately. I need to get my attitude I used to have back. I would go to work, do my job, not get into any of the drama and then once I left the building, I left everything behind. (Little insert…I just went to grab Kade because he was about to get into the dog food and he turned around and waved at me, little butthead) I can’t take it home anymore, I just can’t. I have a few things left that I want to do for Spring cleaning(including my mental health, lol) and then I feel like I can start over. I didn’t mean for this to be so long, oops.Yesterday, we were supposed to hang out with our really good friends, but one of them was sick. So, instead, my bff came down and we went to see Definitely, Maybe. I  able to see a movie that wasn’t animated! It was a really good movie until the end. The ending kinda sucked. I had fun this weekend. This week, Saige has her school pictures, I’m hoping to do some sort of play date with my bff and her kids, and then it’s date night on Saturday!!  

 I borrowed this cookbook from the library and I love it! It has recipes that show you how to hide healthy foods into things your kids will actually eat. I’ve made the chocolate chip pancakes(they have yogurt, wheat germ and applesauce in them), baked ziti(tofu, sweet potatoes, carrots), lasagna(tofu, zucchini, cauliflower), fried “chicken”, which was the only thing we didn’t like, and brownies(spinach, blueberries, wheat germ, oats) those were the best!! I think I ate half the brownies by myself. The recipes take longer to make, because you have to blend the purees first, but I went through and made the ones I would use the most and put them in the freezer so I would have them ready for next time. 

I took Kade to his 9 month well check today, so I thought I would write a little something. He is doing really well. We went through a hard week where he wasn’t sleeping more than 30 minutes in a whole day, but other than that he is great. I’m amazed at how much he can eat. He’s pulling up to stand on everything, talking a lot, dancing, waving and biting me 😦 He just started doing this and it’s AWFUL! I have been given some helpful hints from other women and I think it’s working, but who knows. He’s also doing this weird thing where he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me, but if I give him solids, he’ll eat a ton. I dunno what’s going on there…In a way I’m kinda looking forward to weaning. I’m definitely going to stick it out until he is 13 months(adjusted age 1 year), then we’ll see. I might cut down to bedtimes or something.

Saige is going through a growth spurt…tripping over everything, complaining that everything hurts and growing out of all her shoes. She is such a good kid. Me and Chris were just talking about how we need to remember that she is only 3. She is so grown up for her age, I think we expect more from her than we should sometimes. Her preschool class pictures are next week and she is so excited. She is also starting tumbling next week. I hope she likes it, I bet she will.

I have been kinda down with back pain the last couple days. Yesterday, it was sharp pains that would knock me off my feet. I went to the dr and he says it’s likely either signs of an early kidney infection or a stone…yipee. He gave me pain meds, just in case, and sent me home to wait it out. The only things that help are baths and laying down, which is near impossible with two kids running around. Chris has been so good about it though. He came home yesterday and fixed lunch, did the dishes after work and read on the internet that vitamin c can soften kidney stones, so he has been forcing oj down me and giving me vitamin c supplements. He’s so worried about me, it’s cute.

My in-laws who have a baby born 5 days before Kade came over Sunday for a tie dye party. Here are pics of what me and Chris did for the kids 🙂

My favorite shirt for Kade

Tonight when I came home from the gym, Chris had burned some home movies onto dvd, helped Saige write her name on her valentines and was sitting at the table wearing Bert(from sesame street) stick-on earrings and a ring that Saige had put on him. He’s such a good daddy.

It feels like I have been running for a week with everything that has happened, and I haven’t had much sleep either. My niece, S, spent the night at our house friday and we took the kids to the new exhibit at the children’s museum. It was really fun, it looks just like sesame street when you walk in. We went to get veggie corn dogs at the food court(because I can’t go to the Gateway without getting one) and then went home and watched movies. The next day, I went with S, my 2 sisters, my mom and the little girls to watch S try on wedding dresses. I have to tell you that is the craziest thing seeing your niece in a wedding dress. I have been so close to her growing up, it feels a lot like she’s my little sister. I’m nervous for her, but only because I want her to be happy. Anyway, Saige decided she wanted to go with grandma after that, so I went with my sister and her family to lunch. When I got home, Chris had *finally* decided on a computer and he wanted to get it that day. So, back to the Gateway we went. Yesterday, I did stuff around the house, then went with my bf to the gym and shopping. It was awesome!! It was just what I needed. Chris and her hubby are good friends, so they stayed with the kids and hung out.Today I am tired and not motivated to do much. I have been doing things with the kids and just watching them. There are times when I just sit and watch them and wonder how they got so big so fast. It’s the most incredible thing to watch them learn new things. Even stupid things, like when Kade figured out how to make weird noises by putting things to his mouth. It makes me feel like I should appreciate them more than I do. Life, in general, has been really good to me.  In a few weeks, it the 9th anniversary of me and Chris’s first date. He took me to a juggling performance. It’s crazy how time flies. He is amazing. He’s such a great dad. The first thing he does when he comes home is sits on the floor and plays with them. He has so much more patience than I do. Saige is planning a big surprise Valentine’s dinner for him. I have been told we’re “weird” because we would rather stay in with the kids or take them with us instead of going on a date. We are planning to go snowboarding on Sunday together though.This, and some other stuff that is not blogworthy, is what I have been thinking about today. It has been one of those days where I just can’t get out of my head. Hopefully something good will come out of this.